Icecrypt 2m HDMI Leads

2m HDMI Leads

2m HDMI Leads


2m HDMI Leads Highlights

  • High Definition Multimedia Interface Cable
  • HDMI 19 Pin Male to HDMI 19 Pin Male 30 AWG
  • Perfect for connecting your HDMI Monitors A/V Receivers and HDTV
  • Supports all HDMI Devices, including v1.3
  • Supports resolutions upto 1080P
  • All conductor and the shields (braid and drain) are copper
  • Triple shields, make sure to prevent the EMI effectively
  • The connector is 24k gold plated


Gold-plated 19-pin male-male HDMI cable, for connection between two HDMI devices.

A Little Bit About HDMI:

High definition multimedia interface, or HDMI, is one of an emerging group of standards that provide higher performance, easier use and added features to help make purchasing a new TV a more attractive proposition.

Rather than taking a completely fresh approach, HDMI builds on the standards and techniques that have emerged over the past 10 years, so to understand HDMI it is helpful to review the recent history of the display interface.